Buda Eyes Training is designed for personal development e growth.

It is a complete immersion in the essence and heart of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

It is based on the Traditional Tibetan System or Newary System that has existed in Kathmandu Valley for about 400 years. You will learn the basic principles and the most specific techniques.

The existence of Energy Centers or Chakras, are the basis of the Traditional Tibetan System where to 7 Singing Bowls match 7 Musical Notes.

We utilize Singing Bowls of 7 metals (Traditional or Full Moon).

It clearly is a practical Training where you will spend most of your time playing or receiving the Sound and Vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls in order to develop your sensitivity, experiencing in all of your Being the benefits they cause.

Who can attend our Courses:

Anyone interested in increasing their knowledge (no prior knowledge required), those interested in Holistic areas, Health and Therapy providers.

Everyone who wants to develop knowledge of Sound and Vibration.

Training consists of 3 Levels (I, II and III)

Course objectives

We will study Sound and Vibration, the Harmony of touch, the rhythm of it and we will see that we are part of a whole, that everything is vibration.
At the end of each Level, each participant will be able to carry out individual sessions of Therapies with Tibetan Singing Bowls according to the Traditional Tibetan System, learned at that Level, accompanying people to restore their internal balance through the Body/Mind relationship.

You can hold sessions with small groups starting at Level II There will be a natural awareness which will improve your perspective on your quality
of life.


These therapies are not a substitute for medical treatments that apply to certain pathologies.