Rhythm and Drums Sound Healing

Drum-Healing is the association of the shamanic drum rhythm and other percussion instruments with Sound-Healing.
In this course several instruments are approached in order to make the sessions as effective as possible.

What we will cover:

+ How Sound-Healing works and the use of sound from different instruments
+ How to simply use the Shamanic Drum and rooting instruments
+ Tools to work in therapy one to one
+ Knowledge of physical and spiritual impact
It aims at the individual process as well as helping others through Sound and Rhythm.

Course structure:

+ The History of the Drum and the Shamanic Drum
+ The manufacture and types of drums and strikers
+ Drum cleaning, what to use
+ Concept of “Intention” and “Altered State of Consciousness”
+ Types of Brain Waves
+ Brainwaves – from birth to adulthood
+ The Metronome and its importance in the structure of Therapy
+ The heartbeat
+ Rhythm, variation and importance
+ Which are the 7 zones of the Drum
+ The Drum and the 7 Chakras, the characteristics of each Chakra
+ Rhythm associated with each Chakra
+ Sound Energy Field Assessment

If you have a Shamanic Drum or Frame-Drum and you want to know more about how to use it, this is the recommended Course.